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Smartphone Case Segmentation
This new report provides insight into consumer spending, brand awareness, brand perceptions, retail channels shopped, purchase drivers, and more!  Our new study segments the smartphone case consumer market, so you can size each segment and maximize your opportunities within the most promising segments.
Released: October 2013

2013 Computer Market Basket
Identify exactly which products and selected brands notebook and desktop computer consumers purchase together in a single shopping trip, the amount they spend, and why. Explore the motivations behind these incremental purchases so you can devise strategies for cross-promoting higher-margin products.
Released: September 2013

2013 Tablet Market Basket
Explore the complete transaction for each type of computing device buyer, so you can evaluate attach rates of accessories and the overall transaction size, as well as what related products consumers may purchase up to six months out and where they go to make the subsequent purchase.
Released: September 2013

Digital Fitness and Wearable Technology
As mobile devices and fitness aids become a larger part of personal fitness, the objective of this study is to uncover key dynamics surrounding awareness, usage, and attitudes. An important component of the results will be to tie activities to device usage.
Released: September 2013

Video Consumption: Devices and Behaviors
Examine the video consumption habits of owners of video capable devices, with an emphasis on device usage, content sources, and device connectivity. Explore what devices consumers are using to watch video content, how they are acquiring it, why they choose a specific device, and gauge how connected TV’s are changing ways people consumer video.
Released: July 2013

2013 Consumer Electronics Household Penetration Study
Updated for 2013, the report not only identifies the current U.S. household penetration for specific CE products, it also reveals the number and types of devices – such as smartphones and connected services – by category in each household.
Release: May 2013

2013 Tablet Adoption & Insights Study
This report is our most extensive look at consumer behavior within the extremely hot tablet segment – measuring shopping behaviors, usage patterns, satisfaction levels and demographics among the consumers who own and use tablets. This year’s study will also provide a deeper a look into multiple-tablet households, uncovering insights into how tablets are proliferating within the home and about the dynamics in play when consumers shop for their second or third tablets.
Released: April 2013

SMB Technology Monitor
In today's high-opportunity commercial market, new information and fresh perspectives can help you build relationships and grow your business in the small to mid-size market segment. You can use this report to explore behaviors and attitudes, purchase influences, category dynamics, and channel shifting in the commercial market. New categories include tablets, smartphones, and software.
Released: Ongoing quarterly report

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Headphones: Ownership & Application
Get trended detailed data and perspectives on how consumers buy and use headphones. New measures in this report include a detailed look at sport designed headphones, expected life span, incremental purchase drivers, interest in apps and much more.
Expected: January 2014

Home Automation
Explore information straight from homeowners, about their awareness, usage, and attitudes regarding the dynamics of home remote management. Specific areas of focus include home security, video security, heating/AC controls, and lighting remote management.
Expected Release: February 2013

Wireless Speakers
Uncover insight intothe wireless speaker category from a consumer’s perspective – measuring consumers’ awareness and perceptions of the category, how they shop for these products, and how they are using their wireless speakers both at home and on-the-go. 
Expected February 2014

Smartphone Trade-Up
Resulting from an evolving smartphone market carriers have recently began offering “trade-up” plans to make it easier for customers to switch smartphones as often as every six months.  Our upcoming “Trade-Up” study will evaluate these innovative smartphone upgrade plans from the consumer’s perspective.
Expected: March 2014 

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