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Only Eating Patterns in America reveals how day-to-day eating behaviors influence growth of your product or category

For 28 years, our Report on Eating Patterns in America has told the story of actual food and beverage consumption behavior in the US. For you, that means there’s one source telling the true story of what’s happening now, what’s changing, and what it all means for your business.

The 28th edition of Eating Patterns in America is now available. Act fast — your competitors may have this information in their hands now!

Like other industry leaders, you can use this year’s report — and the on-site presentation by author and industry expert Harry Balzer that you’ll receive with your purchase — to identify exciting new product opportunities, separate trends from fads, and inform your strategic planning sessions.

Sales data only takes you so far. It can’t tell you who’s actually eating your products and why. It doesn’t give you a real perspective on the brands and categories you compete against at each meal occasion. But our information, straight from consumers, goes deeper to answer your business questions and help you make critical decisions with confidence.

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  • Over 550 pages of detailed consumption analysis
  • Over 250 pages of trended data tables
  • On-site presentation by report author Harry Balzer that includes the latest data

28th Edition Table of Contents

Report Resources:

  • 35 years of consumer tracking experience
  • Over 40 databases referenced in report
  • Over 1000 eatings continuously tracked everyday