Music Listening and Acquisition

Get a comprehensive view of how consumers are listening to and acquiring music

Now you can benefit from bi-annual and annual consumer insights on music listening and acquisition habits, capturing volumetric trends and the reasons behind behavior changes. Our Music Acquisition Monitor and Annual Music Study deliver the detail you need to understand who is acquiring music by both paid and unpaid means and why consumers are using streaming services.

Music Acquisition Monitor
This bi-annual, ongoing study tracks trends in consumers' awareness, usage, and experience with established and emerging means of music listening activities and acquisition. Leverage the information to better understand the Online Radio and On-Demand listening market (free vs.paid), acquisition of CDs, paid digital downloads, P2P, mobile music, social borrowing, and hard drive swapping. Additionally, it measures purchase intent of products and services ancillary to the music industry such as portable digital music players, music-enabled cell phones, and other entertainment categories.

Annual Music Study
This annual study captures trends in music listening activities and acquisition. It includes annual per capita spending estimates for CDs, paid digital downloads, mobile, subscription services, artist merchandise, and concert tickets for key demographic and behavioral segments. The insights can be used to examine the artist-fan connection within social media and the reasons and motivators behind year-to-year changes. Additionally, the study helps companies understand shifts in consumers' music behaviors and the reasons behind the changes.

Key Measures

  • Music consumer demographics
  • Music purchasing: physical, digitally downloaded, subscriptions, mobile, concert tickets, merchandise
  • Purchase motivators and inhibitors
  • Music retailer purchasing conversion rates
  • Listening habits: online radio and on-demand listening broken out by free vs.paid
  • Social borrowing (from friends and family), free file-sharing services, and hard drive swapping
  • Awareness and usage of digital music services and emerging music websites
  • Engagement with artists on various social media outlets
  • Current device ownership and usage
  • Wireless carrier

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