The NPD Group's Consumer Tracking Service

It's more critical than ever to have insight on your customers and understand why other consumers shop for your product and don't purchase. Our Consumer Tracking Service delivers an accurate, detailed view of consumer purchasing and behavior that you can use to make better business decisions.

New categories, services, and measures – more information than ever before!

  • New measures:

    •  Draw / close rates — Learn who shops your brand compared to who buys.

    •  Brand and retailer purchase motivators — Know the who and why behind the buy.

    •  Pre-purchase research — Discover how consumers do their homework before a purchase.

    •  Brand loyalty and conversion — Keep your best customers coming back.

  • Increased transaction counts: More consumer responses, resulting in even more reliable brand shares, retailer shares, and market sizing.
  • Consumer data reinforced by retail point-of-sale data: Gives you the best view of the market.
  • 30-day recall: People forget. When consumers are asked to recall purchases made 60 or 90 days prior, purchases can be substantially understated and biased toward purchases made more recently. Our consumer data is based solely on 30-day recall, when purchases are fresh in consumers' minds and details are accurate. In addition, monthly data points will be more useful to you than quarterly data points when you're trying to understand trends in fast-changing categories.
  • Monthly data delivery: Visibility into monthly market dynamics, allowing you to make optimal business decisions.

Why use our consumer information?

Our Consumer Tracking Service offers comprehensive market research on consumer behavior and attitudes. Our online panel includes nearly 2 million registered participants who tell us what they're buying, where, and why in the technology categories that matter most to your business.

Through consumer tracking and behavior research, we offer our clients a total market view, encompassing activity at all retailers. Consumer tracking also delivers critical analysis of market trends, brand and retailer share, and demographics to drive strategic planning and tactical decision-making. You can use it to address these issues and many more:

  • Market sizing
  • Competitive analysis and response
  • New product development and positioning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Selling into new retailer accounts and distribution channels

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