A Look Into the Future of Eating presents a picture of consumer eating habits
10 years in the future using NPD’s exclusive age cohort forecasting technique
that no other research company can replicate. That means you’ll no longer have
to rely solely on past sales data or expensive consultants to discover what might be
in store for your business in the decade ahead.

Key topics include . . .

  • Source of meals and meal skipping
  • Form of foods/beverages, such as frozen, fresh, homemade
  • Meal complexity and types of dishes served
  • Appliance usage, including stove, microwave, oven, and grill
  • Food and beverage varieties
  • Healthy eating habits and dieting
  • Generational focus (e.g. Generations X and Y, Baby Boomers, “Silent”/G.I. Generation)

Take a quantum leap into the future with this indispensable food and beverage industry analysis

Equipped with this new report, you can explore a broad spectrum of food and
beverage categories, preparation methods, meal situations, and other food-related
behaviors. Inputs into the consumer-based forecasts are:

Aging: Impact of changes in behavior that occur with aging
Generation: Differences in preferences from one generation to another
Population: The effect of population size and growth over the next decade;
changing distribution of the population by age
Trend: Inherent momentum of the behavior

A Look Into the Future of Eating can help you . . .

  • Identify and assess opportunities based on consumption forecasts, and
    position your products accordingly
  • Learn which food- and beverage-related behaviors are expected to decline, so you can manage potential product risks
  • Understand and take advantage of predicted shifts in eating habits and
    to align your product portfolios and marketing mix for future success

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