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How is the iPad affecting consumer technology development and retail sales of other products?

And what does it all mean for your business?

Brisk sales and widespread buzz surrounding Apple’s iPad continue to affect sales and development of netbooks, e-readers, portable DVD players, and other portable devices. With The NPD Group’s new iPad Owner Study, you will learn from a panel of owners exactly how they are using their iPads.

Now you can uncover . . .

  • The products consumers forego when purchasing an iPad
  • How the iPad is affecting the use of other technology products consumers already own
  • The features iPad owners are using most and those they will look for in the next generation of tablets
  • And more!

From consumers’ pre-purchase shopping behaviors to the ancillary accessory purchases they made after acquiring their iPads, the iPad Owner Study gives you the information you need to understand the iPad ownership experience.

Now there’s a source for new perspectives on iPad behaviors and usage. Use it to . .

  • Compare current awareness and purchase interest of the iPad to pre-product-release levels
  • Determine how your products compete with or complement the iPad
  • Identify core consumer groups, and learn which iPad features interest them most
  • Determine influential features and capabilities that affect consumer purchase decisions, so you can take advantage of every opportunity

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