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Use SupplyTrack to: PinpointOpportunities Understand key category and customer segment trends. Keep track of how competitors are performing in order to monitor emerging threats and pinpoint new opportunities. Understand Performance Drivers Know the specifics behind what’s driving your performance and your competitor’s performance. Understand purchasing, velocity, and pricing trends to fine-tune your strategy and […]


SupplyTrack Advanced Analytics

[…] sales and refine your go-to-market strategies Source ofVolume Understand and quantify operators’ brand switching volumetrics so you can explore how brand switching impacts your business Contact Us SupplyTrack Advanced Analytics Help You: Size the Prize for the Total Foodservice Universe Understand total category size fueled by actual operator purchases from more than 700,000 restaurants, retail, […]


Distributor Tracking

For foodservice, in addition to sell through information, we offer supply chain detail, providing end-to-end coverage of the businesses. SupplyTrack® is the first and only monthly tracking service that codes, aggregates, and tracks every product shipped from a critical mass of leading foodservice broadline distributors to each of their operators. Capturing 80 percent of the market and […]

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A Plant-Based Twist on a Restaurant Classic, Pizza

[…] foodservice distributors to commercial and non-commercial foodservice outlets. “Plant-based is no longer just a niche player in the foodservice market. It’s a mainstream ingredient that appeals to a broad section of consumers,” says Tim Fires, president of NPD’s SupplyTrack® service. “It makes perfect sense that a popular food, like pizza, would now offer plant-based options.”

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The Popularity of Golf Throughout the Pandemic is Driving Significant Increases in Foodservice Shipments to Country Clubs and Courses

[…] and foods shipped to country clubs and golf courses this summer were bottled water, energy/sports drinks, juice drinks, chicken wings, hot dogs, and French fries, according to SupplyTrack®, NPD’s continual tracking of shipments and dollars from broadline foodservice distributors to commercial and non-commercial foodservice outlets. In addition to country clubs and golf courses, golf […]

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Plant-Based Protein Shipments to U.S. Restaurants and Foodservice Outlets Grew by 60% in April

[…] compared to the same month a year ago, when the category realized declines because of pandemic restrictions.  Shipments are up +16% compared to April 2019, according to NPD’s SupplyTrack®, which tracks every product shipped from leading distributors to more than 700,000 U.S. foodservice operators, capturing detail on over 80% of the broadline foodservice sales channel.  […]


Market Sizing

Understand total market size, evaluate competitive opportunities, and identify new category opportunities. Fueled by actual operator purchases from The NPD Group’s SupplyTrack®, Market Sizing provides accurate, robust, and timely information on the size of opportunities in the industry.

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Spring Break and Pent-Up Demand Help to Advance Recovery of Lodging and Recreation Foodservice in April

[…] have fully recovered and are now above pre-pandemic levels are Austin, Texas; Charleston, S.C.; El Paso, Texas; Las Vegas; Nev.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Savannah, Ga.,based on NPD’s SupplyTrack®, which continually tracks shipments and dollars from broadline foodservice distributors to commercial and non-commercial foodservice outlets. The recreation foodservice venues that fully recovered in April from […]

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Nearly Ten Percent of U.S. Consumers Consider the Environment A Top Factor When Making Food and Beverage Decisions

[…] restaurant they ordered from had earth-friendly practices, like using food containers made from recycled materials, according to NPD’s  Health Aspirations & Behavioral Tracking Service.  In addition, NPD’s SupplyTrack® service, which tracks shipments from broad-line foodservice distributors to commercial and non-commercial foodservice operators, finds that, although plastic straws still make up the bulk of straw […]


Vegan Homemade Portabello Mushroom Black Bean Burger with Fries

Is Plant-based the Sensible Way to Indulge?

[…] profile that delivers on their expectations. It’s a conscience-satisfying choice with the “treat” experience of eating a burger. The plant-based burger seems to be picking up steam. SupplyTrack®, which tracks the sale of foods and beverages through broadline distributors to restaurants, shows a nearly 30 percent increase in plant-based burger sales in 2018. Servings […]

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Despite A Rough Two Years, U.S. Independent Restaurants Still Represent Over Half of U.S. Commercial Restaurant Units and Are Recovering  

[…] ending March 2022 compared to the same period a year ago, a 25% increase compared to the pre-pandemic period in the 12 months ending March 2019, reports NPD’s SupplyTrack service.   Consumer online and physical visits to independent restaurants increased by 12% in the 12 months ending March compared to the same period a year ago and […]

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