The Analytics team works with manufacturer and retailer clients, combining deep insight into purchase dynamics, forward-looking analytics, and high-impact recommendations to give clients confidence that their decisions will drive growth. 

Checkout delivers the most comprehensive view of consumer purchase behavior for general merchandise categories. With more than 50 years in tracking sales and market share in general merchandise and foodservice industries, our researchers have developed expertise in classifying  complex product sets. We benchmark our consumer panel with sales data and methodologies widely accepted as the industry standard. 

It’s our job to help companies grow, healthfully and meaningfully. We work hard and bring all resources to bear, because we know that finding our clients great growth opportunities and nailing their critical business questions is really important to them, and to their businesses. That we can walk into a store, mouse around online, experience a new product or even turn on a TV and see our work come to life makes it fun.

Rorri Heller, Executive Director, Analytics

Photo from the Checkout Back to School Drive

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