Research Science

There are three phases in the data lifecycle at NPD: data collection, ensuring data representativeness, and insight generation. The Research Science group owns the data representativeness phase, meaning that our information is projectable and accurately represents the consumer populations we study. 

This group connects with both ends of the NPD data lifecycle to receive the information needed to ensure the data mechanics are correct. Data may also need to be calibrated, projected, imputed, or checked for quality. Completing all of these tasks ensures the NPD practice areas that create and manage the products get what they need to do their jobs.

We seek and find smart, engaging, innovative individuals who love to work with big data.

“By emphasizing integrity, teamwork and accountability, we continually think about ways to improve, enhance, ideate and educate. Opportunities abound to grow, learn and hone skill sets. It’s fun to go to work when you respect your colleagues, their intellect, values and commitment to excellence.”

Robert Eisinger, Chief Of Staff, Research Science Division, The NPD Group

NPD's Research Science Team