Summer Associate Program

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to give participants an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop a solid foundation in the field of market research through a variety of disciplines: consumer research, custom research, quantitative analysis, strategy, and broader market insights.

All Summer Associate roles for the 2022 Program have been filled. Please check back in August to apply to our 2023 Program.

Insider Access: 2022 Summer Associate Diary

Over the course of NPD’s 10-week Summer Associate Program, we will be spotlighting the journey of 5 of our Summer Associates. Dive into their experiences by following their progress below.

Note: participation in this series was open to all Summer Associates and voluntary.

Caitlin Hawkes
Canada Administration
McMaster University
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Expected Graduation: Spring 2023)

How did NPD engage and prepare you in the months leading up to the Summer Associate Program?

NPD kept me really excited from the moment I received the job offer months ago, to working in the actual position today. There was multiple “meet and greet” opportunities to connect with the other Summer Associates leading up to the start of the program where [the Program Managers] were there to welcome us. During these meetings we had the privilege of meeting others who now work at NPD full time, but started off in the Summer Associate Program, just like us. [The Program Managers] sent us updates throughout the previous months regrading preparation for the program, as well as just checking in; you could really tell they wanted us to feel as comfortable as possible when entering this role. In addition, they sent the associates several welcome packages and treats, such as NPD gear, office supplies and a delicious snack box.

What have you learned about The NPD Group in your first two weeks that has surprised you?

There have been several things that has surprised me about The NPD Group throughout the first two weeks here. However, the main two points that come to mind is that: (1) The NPD Group used to record all of the data points and trends by pen and paper in its early days, and (2) how many countries NPD tracks data from.

How has The NPD Group helped you foster connections with other employees?

The NPD Group has helped foster so many connections with other employees through a variety of ways. First of all, the meet and greets, as previously mentioned, allowed us to get familiar with the team of Summer Associates as well as others who have been in our same shoes. Furthermore, throughout our on-boarding there has been several practice heads, account specialists, etc. who have presented what it means to be on their team and opened up the floor for questions, and connections. Having the buddy [program] has also been a great way to make a connection with another employee. Each Summer Associate is paired with a buddy, and [mine], has been wonderful thus far and has made it very clear she is there to support me throughout the Summer.

How is the transition into your team going?

The transition into my team has been going well. My manager, has made sure we have daily checkpoints for her to [inform] me on what is currently happening, go over my project, teach me how to use the marketing tools, and answer any questions I may have. She also set up meeting time to introduce me to other people on the marketing team that I am going to be working with, and everyone was super welcoming.

Fallon Leibowitz
New York
North America Practices, Analytics 
Hofstra University
MBA Business Analytics & Marketing (Expected Graduation: May 2023)

How did NPD engage and prepare you in the months leading up to the Summer Associate Program?

NPD was very engaging with the Summer Associates in the months leading up to the program. We received care packages filled with NPD goodies like customized NPD water bottles, drawstring bags notebooks and even a box filled with tasty snacks. There was a lot of communication between HR and the Summer Associates. Even before the summer program officially began, I felt like I have an ample amount of resources to reach out to. NPD had also sent us technological equipment to prepare us for the program.

How did you prepare for the first day of the Summer Associate Program?

I prepared for the first day of the Summer Associate Program by doing extensive research on the company. I familiarized myself with how the company operates, NPD’s most known clients and specific roles of certain employees within the company. I also came prepared with an abundance of questions, like how NPD collects data and how each division in the company interacts with one another. Lastly, I made sure to get a good nights sleep the night before my first day!

What have you learned about The NPD Group in your first two weeks that has surprised you?

I have learned so much about The NPD Group in my first two weeks! The way that NPD collects and organizes data and the way that clients are able to understand it truly amazes me. After my first day of interning, I started to notice how much data is around us even outside the workplace!

Overall, how do you feel the Summer Associate Program is going so far?

The Summer Associate Program is going great so far! I feel extremely welcomed. There is an abundance of resources whether it be reaching out to colleagues, video trainings and meetings that has helped me expand my knowledge of analytics. The NPD Group has made it easy for me to reach my goals as an intern.

Emily Miller
North America Practices, Analytics
Wake Forest University
Bachelor of Science in Business and Enterprise Management (Expected Graduation: May 2023)

How did you prepare for the first day of the Summer Associate Program?

First, I set up my work space with my NPD laptop, monitor, and office supplies to ensure I had a comfortable, clean space to work. I then met with my manager and a few members of the team which made even more excited to join the team!

What are you most excited about this summer?

Overall, I am excited to be a part of my team and see first-hand how NPD plays a major role in the marketplace. Second, I am also really looking forward to my summer project because it is allows me to be creative while also showcasing all I’ve learned throughout my internship experience.

Have you networked with anyone outside of your immediate department yet?

Yes, NPD does a great job of pairing us up with buddies from other departments, so we have another contact point to speak with. Therefore because of this program I was able to meet and network with people outside my department!

How is the transition into your team going?

My team has been great as they made me feel included right away by including me in as many meetings and conversations as possible. This has helped me not only get to know the people on the team, but also learn the information from different perspectives! The NPD Group as a whole has been super inclusive and everyone, I’ve met has been exciting, engaging, and gives great advise! Also, my team, commercial analytics, hosted a meet and great for me so I could meet the whole team and get to know them which was super thoughtful.

Matthew Rossi
Global Technology, Enterprise
University of Miami
Master of Science in Data Science (Expected Graduation: December 2023)

What are you most excited about this summer?

I’m excited that my projects provide me opportunities to learn new things and that the projects’ deliverables have obvious business value. I’m similarly eager about the opportunity to present my work at the end of the summer.

What have you learned about The NPD Group in your first two weeks that has surprised you?

I’ve been impressed by NPD’s culture for many different reasons. The culture is collaborative: people are eager to work on projects across different teams or connect with people in other departments. The culture is transparent: I was shocked that we were shown [in depth] details of the company on Day 2. The culture is welcoming: everyone I’ve met is friendly and always willing to chat.

In what ways has The NPD Group made you feel welcome and part of the team?

I have to give a shoutout to my manager, who, first of all, set out to understand my objectives for the summer and then created a program that aligned with those objectives, and second, is very understanding and easy to talk to.

Additionally, the Summer Associate program is structured to help foster relationships – it’s been wonderful to get to know some of the other associates and many people across many NPD teams so far, and it’s only been two weeks.

Overall, how do you feel the Summer Associate Program is going so far?

Excellent. I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer will hold!

Kelsey Space
New Jersey
Americas Product Management
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Science in Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies (Expected Graduation: May 2023)

How did NPD engage and prepare you in the months leading up to the Summer Associate Program?

Leading up to the start of the summer, NPD did a great job keeping us informed about what to expect for the start of the program. [The Program Managers] helped me throughout the onboarding process by sending helpful emails outlining what materials should be completed and when. Prior to the first day, I was also contacted by my manager and summer buddy, and I was able to meet them ahead of time.

How did you prepare for the first day of the Summer Associate Program?

In order to prepare for the first day of the program, I refreshed my Excel skills and did more research about The NPD Group as a whole. Because my knowledge of Excel was fresh in my memory, it was one less thing I was worried about in my first weeks. By doing further research of the company, not only did I have a deeper understanding of NPD as a whole, but I was also able to come into the program with questions I wanted to ask.

What are your goals for this summer?

My biggest goal this summer is to better understand data analytics. I already have learned so much from Analytics Summer Camp, and I am fascinated by how we can organize data to tell a story. I look forward to developing these skills throughout the next eight weeks.

How has The NPD Group helped you foster connections with other employees?

Already in my first two weeks, I have been able to connect with so many employees on the NPD team. Everyone has been so personable and given me great advice that I will take with me for the rest of the summer. One thing that is so special about NPD is that I met with these employees individually, making it easier to have a more personal and in-depth conversation. I have already created so many meaningful connections and met people that I will not hesitate to reach out to down the road. Everyone I have met here at NPD has been so incredibly welcoming and kind. Although starting any new experience is always scary, my manager and the rest of my team has made me feel comfortable from the very beginning.

A brief description of each of our business units is described below:

Client Development

With touchpoints across all the industries NPD tracks, the Americas Commercial Group is responsible for our clients’ engagement and relationship with our products. We keep client satisfaction levels high to maintain and grow a strong revenue stream for our company. Our priority is staying closely connected with our clients. We listen to them to make sure we understand and respond to their needs, keeping abreast of what’s happening in the market and providing relevant insights to help them make effective business decisions. Our team works with manufacturer and retailer clients. Our services combine deep insight into purchase dynamics, forward-looking analytics, and high-impact recommendations to give clients confidence that their sales and marketing decisions will drive growth. In addition, the Retail Business Group manages our vital relationships with nearly 400 Retail Partners spanning more than 20 industries. These retailers provide essential data for our services.


Checkout delivers the most comprehensive view of consumer purchase behavior for general merchandise categories. With more than 50 years of tracking sales and market share in general merchandise and foodservice industries, our researchers have developed expertise in classifying your complex product sets. We benchmark our consumer panel with sales data and methodologies widely accepted as the industry standard.

The Analytics team works with manufacturer and retailer clients, combining deep insight into purchase dynamics, forward-looking analytics, and high-impact recommendations to give clients confidence that their decisions will drive growth.

Global Product Management

The Product group ensures our products remain relevant as the marketplace evolves, and that we develop new products that drive incremental revenue for NPD. In Product Development, it’s all about accelerating our growth, hitting our financial targets, collaborating with colleagues and clients, and creating valuable products that help companies work smarter, so they can grow. The Product Management team has a continuous-improvement mindset. We make sure we’re leading in terms of improving our processes and finding the most efficient way to work. Checkout delivers the most comprehensive view of consumer purchase behavior for general merchandise categories to help our clients understand how to adjust marketing to fuel growth.

Research Science

There are three phases in the data lifecycle at NPD: data collection, ensuring data representativeness, and insight generation. The Research Science group owns the data representativeness phase, meaning that our information is projectable and accurately represents the consumer populations about which we want to say something. We connect with both ends of the NPD data lifecycle to ensure all the data mechanics are correct and we are getting what we need. Data may also need to be calibrated, projected, or imputed. We also perform a variety of data quality checks. Completing all of these tasks ensures the NPD practice areas that create and manage the products get what they need to do their jobs.

Global Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team makes the data collection, transformation, and delivery processes possible across the organization. We process and analyze consumer and point-of-sale data, applying dictionary matching, machine learning, suppression, calibration, projection, and other rules to produce the data sets. We also develop and maintain software to access, manipulate, and present our data to clients. We are responsible for the equipment, infrastructure, and networking that delivers our data (both internally and externally) and for IT security and disaster recovery.

The Operations team is the primary issues clearinghouse for our clients. Anything related to data issues comes to us, including data inquiries, real or perceived data errors, and questions on methodology elements (e.g., suppression). We also serve as an educational resource, explaining the ins and outs of point-of-sale (POS) data processes. This centralized approach to managing client issues and inquiries puts our clients where they should be – at the center of our business.

Corporate Functions

A Strong team of corporate professionals is behind our insights and solutions. Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, and Administrative Support – there is a wide range of opportunities.

“As a Summer Associate, I am truly grateful for all the knowledge and expertise I gained from my time at NPD. The number of resources given helped me learn key technical and networking skills that I can use throughout my career. The supportive work environment and continuous passion to keep on learning are what made me enjoy my time at NPD.”

Salvatore Chabla
(Former Summer Associate in 2021, currently an Account Associate, Client Development – Analytics)