NPD established our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Board to guide the company on our journey to become a more diverse organization. It highlights our corporate commitment to a more inclusive culture, while also providing ways for diverse voices to share concerns and light the way forward.

To foster a more inclusive work environment, NPD offers unconscious-bias training, and other company-wide training sessions. We’ve also sponsored listening circles, business resource groups, and special events highlighting diversity in the workplace – all with a focus on empowering employees of any race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation to know they are valued as fully engaged members of the NPD team.


DEI Advisory Board 

Our DEI Advisory Board represents a cross-section of communities across NPD, as well as different functions and levels of experience, to elevate and empower a broad range of voices and experiences.

Audrey Adnet
Head of Foodservice France
Paris, France

Brianca German
Account Manager, Client Dev
North Carolina, U.S.

Elizabeth Phillips
Vice President, Product Management, Technology
San Diego, U.S.

Felipe Souza
Specialist, Operations
Athlone, Ireland

Melanie Obando
Portfolio Director
Port Washington, U.S.

Lee Graham
Exec Dir, Public Relations
Madison, WI, U.S.

Shaun Correa
President, Technology, Home & Entertainment – Canada
Toronto, Canada

Steve Chang
Vice President, Financial Operations
Port Washington, U.S

Steve Coffey
Chief Innovation Officer
New York, U.S.

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Steven Ottenstein
Exec Director, Human Resources
Port Washington, U.S.

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Todd Mick
Exec Dir, Client Development
Port Washington, U.S.

Travis M. Mitchell
Account Specialist, Client Dev
Port Washington, U.S.

Jaimie Wallace
Executive Director
Rosemont, U.S.

Virginia Grande
Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Administrative Officer
Port Washington, U.S.

Saj-nicole Joni
NPD Board Member
Massachusetts, U.S.

Celebrating Diversity at NPD All Year Long

Our NPD Insider intranet site keeps all of our employees in the know, with timely content covering the latest information affecting their work lives – including our ongoing DEI journey.

Karyn Schoenbart, Chief Executive Officer for NPD, weighs in on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey