Gerhard Hausruckinger

Gerhard Hausruckinger oversees The NPD Group’s growing portfolio of consumer and retail point-of-sale tracking businesses across all of Europe and Asia Pacific, bringing new services to new markets. In this role, he also manages NPD offices and staff across two continents. Services in his purview cover the beauty, foodservice, sports, and toys industries. He is based out of Europe.

Gerhard has extensive experience in retail and consumer businesses, with a record of successful leadership of global organizations. Before joining The NPD Group in 2017, Gerhard was a member of the Management Board of GfK, and held the position of interim CEO in 2016 during a GfK management change. During his seven years at GfK, Gerhard drove strong organic growth and successfully implemented major changes to account and quality management, systems, and operations in his area of responsibility. Prior to joining GfK, he was CEO of emnos, a loyalty analytics business in six countries. Before that, he was with Accenture as an Executive Partner.