Strategic Planning and Forecasting

Find opportunities to grow your footprint in brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.

See where you’re losing loyalty so you can target competitive threats.

How a Private Equity Firm Used NPD Data to Conduct Due Diligence

Business Challenge A private equity firm was evaluating an investment opportunity in a particular industry. While our client had financial data about the target company, it came to us for a broader view of the market environment in which the target company played. We provided information about market size, trends, and key players to assist …

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How a duty free brand tailored their merchandising strategies to their most valuable shoppers

Business Challenge Historically our client had very little intelligence on who purchased their category and which nationalities they should prioritise. This lack of insight led to inefficient investment decisions. What We Found Nationality Tracker helped identify the key differences in the footfall and conversion by nationality within the client’s category, including how this differs by subcategory. …

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How a Retailer Uncovered Black Friday Opportunities

Business Challenge A large national retailer (Retailer A) needed to increase its share during Black Friday. The client came to NPD’s Checkout team to understand the impact of competitors on its Black Friday sales.  What We Found Our team found that roughly half of Retailer A’s Black Friday shoppers also shopped at a competitor’s store …

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Leveraging Complementary Data and Insights to Tell the Full Story Behind Sales Declines

Business Challenge A foodservice operator’s breakfast menu item sales were declining. Leveraging our CREST® foodservice data, this client discovered its performance wasn’t consistent with industry trends—breakfast visits were actually up for the category. In fact, its main competitor was gaining share at the breakfast occasion. What We Found Digging further into the data using Checkout, this client …

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