Industry: Retail
Products: Retail Tracking, Financial Services, Mobile Retail Tracking

Business Challenge

A private equity firm was evaluating an investment opportunity in a particular industry. While our client had financial data about the target company, it came to us for a broader view of the market environment in which the target company played. We provided information about market size, trends, and key players to assist in the private equity firm’s due diligence process.

A private equity client was evaluating an investment opportunity and needed to better understand the market.


What We Found

Using our point-of-sale data, the private equity firm learned that the target company was in a favorable market and position. Not only was this particular industry growing—the target company had a strong track record of outperforming the market, taking away market share from key competitors.

How We Helped

We gave our client a trusted third-party outlook that allowed it to make an informed decision. As a result, our client confidently made an equity investment in the target company.

Our data showed the target company was in a favorable position, and the firm pursued the investment opportunity.