Industry: Retail
Products: Checkout Omnichannel Tracking

Business Challenge

A large national retailer (Retailer A) needed to increase its share during Black Friday. The client came to NPD’s Checkout team to understand the impact of competitors on its Black Friday sales. 

What We Found

Our team found that roughly half of Retailer A’s Black Friday shoppers also shopped at a competitor’s store on the same day. Shoppers who went to another retailer before stopping at Retailer A tended to buy toys and apparel. This resulted in missed sales opportunities for our client.

Checkout found that Retailer A lost valuable sales to rivals on Black Friday.

How We Helped

The Checkout team dove deeper and found that compared to its competitors, Retailer A didn’t focus much of its marketing efforts on toys and apparel. When consumers thought of those categories, other retailers were top-of-mind.


After presenting our findings to Retailer A’s executive and merchant teams, the retailer had the information needed to launch a rejuvenated Black Friday strategy the next year.

We advised our client to hit hard next year with toys and apparel in their Black Friday circular.