Industry: Apparel
Products: Checkout Omnichannel Tracking, Checkout Buyer Analytics, Analytic Reporting for POS Store Level Data

Business Challenge

A major apparel retailer (Retailer A) wasn’t carrying our client’s sports bra. Our client, a manufacturer, had set up a meeting to explain the business case for why Retailer A should expand its sports bra category assortment to include this brand.

What We Found

Leveraging Checkout’s buyer-level insights, we found Retailer A’s female apparel customers were buying our client’s sports bra—but they were buying it at Retailer A’s biggest competitor. In fact, our client’s product was one of the most commonly purchased sports bras among Retailer A buyers. This was a sizeable missed opportunity for Retailer A, which didn’t carry our client’s sports bra.

We helped our client prove that Retailer A was losing money to its archrival by not carrying our client’s sports brand.

How We Helped

The lesson was clear: Retailer A was losing customers within the sports bra category, and it needed our client’s product to close its assortment gap. Armed with these insights, our client confidently approached Retailer A to earn its place on the shelf.

Our client demonstrated that Retailer A needed their product to close its
assortment gap.