Industry: Retail
Products: Retail Tracking, Mobile Retail Tracking

Business Challenge

Before making an investment, a hedge fund asked us for sales data to help them determine whether a company’s growth was sourced to a fad or if the growth appeared to be sustainable.

A hedge fund asked us to determine whether a company’s recent growth appeared to be sustainable

What We Found

Using SKU-level, weekly point-of-sale data, the hedge fund determined the target company’s past successes were largely driven by new product releases and celebrity collaborations. In monitoring the company with our our data, our client noticed that most of the new products weren’t fads and growth wasn’t slowing at all.

How We Helped

Our client decided to move forward with the investment opportunity—a good decision considering the company’s sales performance continued to accelerate with no sign of a slowdown. 

Using SKU-level, weekly point-of-sale data, our client realized its target company’s growth was sustainable and moved forward with the investment opportunity