National Eating Trends®

National Eating Trends® (NET®) monitors thousands of individuals’ eating habits each year to provide a complete view of food and beverage consumption in the U.S. Go beyond supermarket scanner and purchase panel data and understand when, where, why, and how food is consumed.

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NET® Kitchen Audit

Identify new opportunities based on the items consumers already have or do not have on-hand. Step inside America’s kitchens with the most comprehensive view of the foods, beverages, gadgets, and other products in home kitchens.

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Path to Consumption®

NPD can reveal consumers’ Path to Consumption® with a view of what happens after food and beverage products leave the store. This view includes understanding the motivations and needs consumers face each day and throughout the day when making meal and snack choices and how these needs are addressed.

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NET® Shopper Connect

Links in-home consumption patterns captured by NET® to actual shopper behaviors so you can tailor your story when speaking with retailers, becoming the knowledge leader in your category to win at retail.

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Prescriptive Analytics

The Future of Snacking

Discover what snack food consumption will look like in the future and explore your most promising opportunities for growth over the next five years. The report identifies potential risks and barriers to snacking so you can understand threats and take advantage of positive trends.

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The Future of Plant-Based Snapshot

Benefit from a current and forward-looking view of how consumers source and consume meat and dairy alternatives. It’s the key to understanding today’s plant-based consumer, examining the drivers of alternative meat and dairy categories, and preparing for expected changes.

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The Future of Morning

This new report reveals how morning occasions will look in the future, uncovering your most promising opportunities for growth over the next five years. It Identifies potential risks and barriers to morning success so you can understand threats and take advantage of positive meal trends.

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The Future of Dinner

Learn about the behaviors that will drive growth at dinner over the next five years in order so you can develop targeted products and determine the most effective ways to market them. Make confident, data-driven decisions with thorough, fact-based forecasts on how aging, macro-trends, and population shifts will affect food consumption in the future.

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NET® In-the-Moment Trigger Studies

These studies are automatically deployed when a consumption-related behavior of interest occurs, giving clients the opportunity to ask consumers questions to gain deeper insights while the event is top of mind.

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Eating Patterns in America, 36th Annual Edition, 2021

No other source tells you more about what Americans eat and drink… and how they think. Eating Patterns in America provides in-depth insight into actual consumption behavior — and, more importantly, it shows you how that behavior is changing over time. As the U.S. emerges from pandemic-related restrictions, only NPD shows the arc of food consumption: behavior and trends prior to COVID-19’s onset, how eating habits have been disrupted, and where it’s all heading.

Return to Workplace Report

The Return to Workplace Report follows the latest trends, tracking consumers who worked outside of the home prior to the pandemic and who have now begun to return to the workplace. It’s a new resource for guiding your decisions related to product, marketing, merchandising, and sales strategies so you can align with the consumer behavior changes in the new normal environment.

Plant-Based Report

Our Future of Plant-Based Report provides a current and future forward view of how consumers source and consume meat and dairy alternatives in home and away from home. Findings will help manufacturers, retailers and operators better understand today’s plant-based consumer, drivers of alternative meat and dairy categories, and prepare for expected changes.

International Food & Beverage Habits Study

Expansion into international markets offers large rewards but can come with substantial risks. Maximizing return by minimizing risk happens when the understanding of local behaviors and markets are used to create well-planned strategies. NPD’s study provides a view of consumption habits by capturing all foods and beverages consumed during a typical day both in and away from home.

Consumption Drivers: How Needs Shapes Choices

This report delves into the myriad choices and motivations at all day parts. See the motivations that drove each dining occasion and what’s truly behind our choices at all meal occasions. 

Inside America’s Kitchens

For more than 20 years, we’ve asked American consumers to provide details about what they have in their kitchens and how they prepare and cook their meals. Get new insights from our report, Inside America’s Kitchens, and learn how convenience and ready-to-eat food items are transforming the American kitchen.

Make It Happen for Gen Z

We find that personal value, more than brand loyalty, drives purchase behavior among Gen Zers. See what you need to do to meet this young generation’s needs when it comes to food. 

A Generational Study: The Evolution of Eating

Find out how the food and beverage consumption of key generations – Gen Z, Millennials, and Boomers – is set to change as these groups move through life stages. Our new report, A Generational Study: The Evolution of Eating, reveals whether their patterns will be similar to, or different from, those of previous generations. It’s how to develop marketing strategies and make long-range plans that position your business for growth.

Satisfying Our Thirst for Beverages Report

Beverages have shown waning popularity over the past several years, with sales declining by 4 percent since 2010. The industry expected an improving economy would bump up beverage orders. In fact, it seems consumers’ thirst for beverages at foodservice is not bouncing back. How can you give beverages a boost? Our new Satisfying Our Thirst for Beverages Report evaluates consumers’ beverage choices to determine why they order one beverage over another, what’s behind outlet choices when it comes to beverages, how beverage variety factors into their decisions, and more.

Industry Expertise

“Today, convenience is as highly valued as ever, but it’s taking on a new form. Consumers, who now desire natural foods, are shifting from convenient food to convenient preparation and procurement. This contributes to the growth in grocery e-commerce and restaurant delivery. In addition, American kitchens will be home to a variety of appliances and gadgets to facilitate cooking at home.”