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Categories Tracked

Home Environment

  • Air Purifiers/Humidifiers
  • Hand/Stick Vacuums
  • Specialty Cleaning
  • Fans Heaters
  • Water Filtration Devices
  • Full Size Vacuums
  • Non-Electric Carpet Sweepers
  • Water Filtration Replacement Filters


  • Beverageware
  • Dinnerware
  • Flatware
  • Bakeware
  • Cutlery
  • Cookware
  • Kettles
  • Crystal
  • Giftware
  • Portable
  • Beverageware
  • Food Storage
  • Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Appliances

  • Blenders
  • Electric
  • Grills/Griddles Mixers
  • Breadmakers
  • Electric Kettles
  • Slow Cookers
  • Citrus Juicers
  • Electric Skillets/Woks
  • Specialty
  • Kitchen Electrics
  • Grinders
  • Food Processors
  • Toasters
  • Coffee/Espresso Makers
  • Food Steamers/Rice Cookers
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Compact Refrigerators
  • Fryers Vacuum Sealers
  • Countertop Microwaves
  • Home Soda Machines
  • Waffle Irons/Sandwich Maker
  • Electric Can Openers
  • Juice Extractors

Personal Care

  • Curling Irons/Stylers
  • Hairsetters
  • Oral Care Appliance
  • Electric Shavers
  • Home Hair Clippers
  • Oral Care Replacement Parts
  • Electric Shaver Replacement Parts
  • Lighted Mirrors Scales
  • Garment Care
  • Massaging Appliances
  • Hairdryers
  • Men’s Trimmers

Retail Tracking

Make the most informed business decisions with point-of-sale (POS) data to understand what products sell across department stores, specialty stores, and national chains. Weekly data enables you to closely monitor performance—faster—to improve business results.

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Checkout Omnichannel Tracking

Leveraging an omnichannel panel of 150,000 consumers, our Checkout service provides the total picture of what’s happening online and in stores and how that’s changing over time.

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Account Level Reports

Compare specific retailers with the rest-of-market to develop sales and marketing strategies that promote growth at those retailers. Our store-level data feeds report performance at an account level, enabling enhanced collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

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Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking

Get a more meaningful read on where—and how fast—products are selling, based on sales volume instead of store count alone. With store-level data feeds directly from retailers, you can measure velocity to monitor sales by retailer, region, or territory.

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Prescriptive Analytics


Whether you are looking to define your customer segments or refine them, we offer a deep look into purchasing trends by segment.

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Pricing Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of past promotions and simulate the impact of future promotional, discount, and base price changes.

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Checkout Buyer Analytics

Buyer Analytics provide self-service Essentials or advanced solutions, so you can see online, in-store, and omnichannel opportunities. Dig deeper into your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

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The Future of Home

To make the most informed decisions you need to know how the market will perform, which consumer segments will drive growth, and how shopping will shift across channels. The Future of Series guides your strategy with sales forecasts and forward-looking industry insights. Covers 140+ product categories including forecasts of supercategories with COVID-19 impacts.

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Eating Patterns in America, 36th Annual Edition, 2021

No other source tells you more about what Americans eat and drink… and how they think. Eating Patterns in America provides in-depth insight into actual consumption behavior — and, more importantly, it shows you how that behavior is changing over time. As the U.S. emerges from pandemic-related restrictions, only NPD shows the arc of food consumption: behavior and trends prior to COVID-19’s onset, how eating habits have been disrupted, and where it’s all heading.

Return to Workplace Report

The Return to Workplace Report follows the latest trends, tracking consumers who worked outside of the home prior to the pandemic and who have now begun to return to the workplace. It’s a new resource for guiding your decisions related to product, marketing, merchandising, and sales strategies so you can align with the consumer behavior changes in the new normal environment.

Internet of Things

Our two-part IoT Connected Report focuses on specific rooms in the smart home. Get detail on connected device growth trends and product attributes over three years, plus analyst commentary. This report also reveals top-five brand performance for products typically used in those rooms.

Home Trends Electric Floor Care Report

The Home Trends Electric Floor Care Report is now available and explores the relationship between upright and stick vacuums, how robotic vacuums are affecting consumer’s cleaning behavior, the impact of direct-to-consumer sales, and more.

Small Domestic Appliance Trends

Understand emerging small appliance industry trends and opportunities. Identify which products should be part of your retail assortment. Discover exactly what triggers consumers’ purchases. Find new ways to engage with consumers.

Home Trends Report Series

This series of reports provide a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the home industry and what to expect in the future. Each report will focus on a different category to help you explore the latest trends and formulate effective product development, marketing, and sales strategies.

Industry Expertise

“The consumer still has their focus on in-home activities, and we know what their top priorities are, which spells opportunity. The challenge our industry faces is providing the consumer with something fresh to address their fundamental needs and desires.”

Our Customers

“NPD’s Checkout data has been instrumental in SodaStream’s effort to transition to a fact-based selling organization. Utilizing NPD’s Checkout data has allowed us to better understand buyer demographics, spending behavior, channel interaction and retailer leakage. More importantly, our teams are using this information to identify opportunities and implement new programs with our retail partners. The NPD Checkout team has been a true partner in tailoring the data to our specific business needs and calling out meaningful, action-oriented insights.”

Chris D’Alessandro
Vice President of Sales, SodaStream US