As the retail industry continues to transform, the world’s largest and most innovative retailers, brands, and manufacturers rely on us to help them measure, predict, and improve performance. We track sales across all channels — brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, and mobile platforms — and offer analytics to uncover the why behind the buy. In addition, our thought leaders provide our c-suite retail partners with high-impact insights to drive critical business decisions. With this information and the support of our trusted retail team, we help our retailer partners strengthen collaboration with their suppliers, forecast trends, identify acquisitions, prepare for earnings calls, and more.

Boost Performance

Understand how your performance compares to the total market to uncover growth opportunities.

Analyze Assortment

Assess category, brand, and item performance so your business can focus on the right areas at the right times to outsmart competitors.

Track Promotions Quickly

Evaluate the sales impact of your past promotions and simulate future scenarios to make data-driven promotion plans.

Discover Where Consumers Shop

Know your buyers and what they purchase with you compared to purchases at other retailers.

Set Pricing to Create Demand

Analyze how your pricing strategy compares in the market to optimize future price and promotion changes and drive sales.

Questions We Answer

  • What is the size of the total market?
  • What is my share of the total market?
  • The online market?
  • What categories or industries are growing or declining?
  • Is my growth exceeding the market?
  • What pricing and promotion strategies are working?
  • Looking ahead, what is the market forecast for my industry?
  • How much market share do my competitors capture overall and online? 
  • Is their market share growing or declining? 
  • How does their share compare to mine?  
  • What categories, products, and attributes drive my competitors’ success? 
  • How do my pricing and promotion strategies compare to the competition? 
  • Is my competition doing something that I am missing?  
  • Who are my customers? What do they buy? What fuels their purchase behavior?,  
  • What else do my customers buy? 
  • Which competitors get a share of my buyers’ spending? 
  • Do my customers choose BOPIS, BORIS, or online-only? Why? 
  • Are my buyers shopping more or less frequently? 
  • Are my customers spending more or less with me? 
  • What products, services, and experiences are most important to my customers?


Best-in-class Data

Retail Tracking

Checkout Omnichannel Tracking

Retail Collaboration Products and Services

Consumer Tracking

Account Level Reports

Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking

Make the most informed business decisions with point-of-sale (POS) data to understand what products sell across department stores, specialty stores, and national chains. Weekly data enables you to closely monitor performance—faster—to improve business results.

Leveraging an omnichannel panel of 150,000 consumers, our Checkout service provides the total picture of what’s happening online and in stores and how that’s changing over time.

Retailer-centric design drives the products, and services across multiple categories and departments to give you the view you need for your operation. Custom hierarchies, segmentation, geographics, industry expertise and advisory services deliver retailer-specific solutions.

Want to know where people shop, what they buy, how much they pay, the key reasons for their purchases, and how this is changing over time? The 8 million nationally-representative interviews we conduct each year enable us to measure consumers’ purchasing behavior and key attitudes across key retailers and channels (e.g. brick and mortar, online) …

Compare specific retailers with the rest-of-market to develop sales and marketing strategies that promote growth at those retailers. Our store-level data feeds report performance at an account level, enabling enhanced collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

Get a more meaningful read on where—and how fast—products are selling, based on sales volume instead of store count alone. With store-level data feeds directly from retailers, you can measure velocity to monitor sales by retailer, region, or territory.

Prescriptive Analytics

Pricing Analytics

Checkout Buyer Analytics

Analytic Reporting for POS Store Level Data

Our suite of Pricing Analytics provides historical evaluations of pricing and promotional events along with forward looking simulation capabilities to help shape strategy.

Buyer Analytics provide self-service Essentials or advanced solutions, so you can see online, in-store, and omnichannel opportunities. Dig deeper into your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

When you’re looking for opportunities to increase market share, grow sales territories, and localize assortment, its critical to view data through your own business lens to inform your decision-making and investments. Our Analytic Reporting provides deep dives into our Point-of-Sale Store-Level data so you can capitalize on the right opportunity, in the right place, at the right time.

Industry Expertise

Marshal Cohen

Marshal Cohen
Chief Industry Advisor, Retail

“The apparel industry is being challenged to respond to the latest changes being driven by the broader consumer and retail environment. The future of the apparel business depends on manufacturers and retailers refocusing on the current needs of each critical consumer segment.”

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