Find Comfort in the Independent Shoe Channel

Your single source for new insights on size, trends, average price, and more — see the independent shoe channel up close.

Comfort is crucial — but what does comfort really mean to consumers? Which brands are leading the comfort shoe category? Go to the source for ongoing insight that details what’s happening in the independent shoe channel and how it relates to your market. It’s a new way to get the hard facts you need, so you can think more strategically about your brand’s future.

Keeping up with trends in the competitive independent shoe channel has never been more important. Now, for the first time, manufacturers and brands have access to in-depth industry insights! We can give you the information you need to more effectively plan and manage your business.

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It’s the difference between waiting for retailers to tell you what’s selling and knowing exactly what to buy and restock, and when. Consider it comfort in a competitive world.

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Finding Comfort in a Competitive Market

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