Snacking in America: One Out of Five Eating Occasions

Understand the longitudinal view of behavioral, demographic, and attitudinal motivations driving snack consumption. Position yourself to take advantage of how eating patterns are evolving.

One out of five eating occasions is considered a snack. How can food and beverage marketers see the big picture when it comes to consumers’ snacking habits? There’s only one long-term view of snacking behaviors, attitudes, and demographics among adults, teens, and children in the U.S. It’s Snacking in America, and we’ve just released the 2012 edition.

Why Snacking in America?

The report integrates information from several of our products and services. No other source gives you this breadth and depth of information on snacking.

You can use it to . . .

  • Profile and size the snack food universe with demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal information on current and long-term trends to develop marketing strategies that target the appropriate audience for your product
  • Examine the decisions and attitudes that drive snack food consumption to get a clear view of the competitive landscape, your strengths, and your most promising opportunities
  • Support product development by identifying the types of foods and beverages consumers snack on and how selections differ by day part, activity, and motivation – such as portability, health, and taste
  • Identify the motivational need states that drive snack choices, and discover how you can capitalize on them to grow your product portfolio

Be among the first companies to take advantage of the answers this year's report delivers. Find out what snack foods consumers prefer and explore the changing mindset behind snacking. Snacking in America 2012 reveals detail on between-meal snacking, highlights snack-oriented convenience foods, and shows how consumers' choices are changing. It also provides a deep dive into the advanced motivational need states that drive snack food selections.

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