Do you know your
“persuadable” consumers?

They’re the ones with a higher likelihood
of purchasing at your stores.

What do DIY’ers
watch on TV?

What sports are they most likely to follow?

Are they tech-savvy?

That way, you’ll know if you should target Grease Monkey Mike, Tune-Up Tom, or Oil Change Chuck.

These insights are gathered using CivicScience’s 27 million dynamic respondent profiles.

Learn more about The Automotive Do-It-Yourself Consumer: Identifying Opportunities to Target Heavy, Medium, and Light DIY Users.

Who are your most valuable auto parts customers?

Is it the heavy DIY’ers – the “Grease Monkey Mikes” – or the medium DIY’ers – the "Tune-Up Toms"?

Saving money is not the only reason most DIY’ers do it themselves.

How price sensitive are automotive DIY’ers?

Marketing to everyone isn’t the best way to reach your key consumers or maximize your spend.

The NPD Group and CivicScience have paired up to bring you insights into the DIY consumers who matter most to your business.

And you’ll know where and how to reach them.

Want to learn more about your loyal and persuadable consumers?

Contact your NPD account representative to learn more about CivicScience DeepProfile reports, and ask to see a sample report!

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