Hispanic Aftermarket Consumers:
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Hispanic automotive aftermarket consumers are big business. Now find out how to meet their unique needs.

The Hispanic Aftermarket Consumer provides the deepest insight into Hispanic consumers’ aftermarket purchase behavior. And it explains how their behavior differs from the overall U.S. market.

You can use this information and analysis to:

  • Develop winning strategies to target this important consumer group
  • Provide more targeted offerings that will attract Hispanic consumers
  • Refine your advertising campaigns and really engage with Hispanic consumers

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What's Inside?

No other source delivers such in-depth detail on these key aspects of the
Hispanic market:

  • DIY/DIFM split among Hispanics
  • Products and services purchased and how they vary by acculturation levels
  • Importance of brand and quality to Hispanic consumers
  • Influences on consideration and purchase at specific retailers
  • Media habits, including use of Spanish- and English-language media, social media usage, and language preferences


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