Polish up your nail care consumer knowledge

How much do brand and color really matter?

Before you can make winning business decisions, it's crucial to get to know how your customers think and shop for the products and services they use. We surveyed thousands of women who purchased nail polish, nail-polish remover, and other nail products for use at home, as well as those who paid for manicures, pedicures, and other professional nail services.

The result? The just-released Nail Care & Polish Consumer Report.

This report's information and analysis will help to ensure your marketing tactics are aligned with consumers' needs. Use it to understand the roles color and brand play in at-home nail polish purchase decisions, and see what sets at-home nail care consumers apart from their salon-oriented counterparts.

Dig into demographics. Explore attitudes about price, brand, and color. Find out what consumers really think about their at-home nail-care routines and professional nail services.

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