Consider the Possibilities
Choose the Right Celebrity To Endorse Your Brand AND Optimize Your Activation Efforts

On the surface,

Celebrities Katherine Heigl and Charlize Theron may seem like equally good choices for a beauty product endorsement . . .

They’re both actresses, blonde, and in their late 30s.

They have similar awareness levels. Their fans have a similar demo profile.

But that doesn’t mean they are interchangeable.

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Does that mean Katherine Heigl is definitely the better partner for Avon? Not necessarily!

NPD Group |  Market Research | Reports and Trends

If Avon DOES choose to reinforce their brand with current customers by choosing Katherine Heigl, what is the best way to ACTIVATE that endorsement?

If Avon wanted to choose a retailer to activate this partnership and used a typical female 18-25 demo target . . they might have selected Victoria’s Secret (which is actually NOT strong among Katherine Heigl fans) and they would have MISSED a good opportunity with Sears.

NPD Group |  Market Research | Reports and Trends
NPD Group |  Market Research | Reports and Trends

Choose the right celebrity to endorse your brand AND optimize your activation efforts. BrandLink provides a fact-based rationale for creating highly targeted marketing programs around sponsorships and endorsements. Even when there is an obvious alignment between an entertainment category and a product category – such as football players endorsing a fast food chain or a popular beverage sponsoring a music tour– there can be big differences in how individual celebrities align with specific brands. The BrandLink service identifies individual consumers’ preferences – the athletes, TV personalities, comedians, and musicians they are fans of and the brands they use, stores and websites they visit, movies and TV shows they watch, and games they play. It reveals the celebrity best positioned to meet a brand’s specific marketing objectives, and then informs activation decisions that will unlock the full potential of that investment.

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