Technology’s Evolving.
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Stay competitive. Remain relevant. Understand tablet and PC buyers’ changing behaviour.

As the technology market’s evolution continues, it’s critical that you stay on top of industry changes in order to keep up with competitors and remain relevant in consumers’ minds. Our latest report, Understanding the Canadian PC and Tablet Buyer, provides a clear view of what consumers want, what they’ll buy, and why.

With information straight from Canadian consumers, you’ll gain insight into the age of existing devices. See how tablets are changing the way consumers access information. Learn about changing refresh cycles. And more.

What’s Inside?

The report digs into purchase decision factors, device inventories, consumer demographics, future purchase intent, tablets’ cannibalization of PCs, and historical comparisons. It delivers new detail on consumer behaviour related to PCs and tablets so you know what Canadians are buying and using today – and what they will expect in the future.

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