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The ever-growing number of smartphone brands and models is eclipsed only by the seemingly endless assortment of cases designed for these devices. But how well do these cases match up to consumers’ tastes and preferences? What do consumers want?

Our new Smartphone Case Segmentation Study segments the smartphone case consumer market, so you can size each segment and maximize your opportunities within the most promising segments.

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See these smartphone case consumer segments up close:

  • Quality Protectors — Ultimate goal is to preserve their smartphones. They covet maximum protection above all else and significantly devalue aesthetics. They are highly brand-driven and tend to pay top dollar for the highest quality cases.
  • Fashionistas — Consider the style/fashion of cases to be of paramount importance. Aesthetics and appearance are at the forefront of this female-dominated segment that significantly devalues protection.
  • Cute and Cheap — Similar to Fashionistas, but considerably more sensitive to cost. They, too, desire a stylish/fashionable case that reflects their personality or individuality, however they are substantially more likely to purchase from the lower end of the market.
  • Basic Protectors — Tend to be the least selective and do not put much thought into the case selection process. Low cost, no-frills protection is of singular importance to this
    male-dominated set of consumers.
  • Savvy Enthusiasts — Overly enthusiastic about cases and technology, in general. They report a heightened desire for many case attributes and are likely to shop in the higher end of the market.

Understand how specific consumer segments vary based on the smartphone brands they own. See where they shop for cases. Explore price sensitivity and consumers’ propensity to own multiple smartphone cases.

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