Start Seeing What Others Cannot

Feel like you don’t know Jack? It’s more important than ever to know your customers.

Consumers like Jack may be buying gizmos and gadgets from your competitors today . . . but not for long! Now you can outsmart your competition with comprehensive information on consumer buying behavior at the market basket level, straight from consumers’ purchase receipts.

Our Checkout Tracking solution is a new resource for industry leaders, providing insights on platform switching, heavy/medium/light activity, buyer profiling, retailer share, and market baskets. It connects you to information from the same consumers over time, based on both online and brick-and-mortar receipts.

This precise category, brand, and item-level purchase detail — linked to buyers and their demographics lets you analyze competitive market baskets, identify purchase patterns, and more.

Jack says: Be nimble, be quick. Get a winning advantage with Checkout Tracking.

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