The Roller Coaster of Chicken Wing Prices

How will you address the fluctuating prices of chicken wings and their impact on marketing strategies and resulting consumer behavior?

Fluctuating bone-in wing prices and their impact on restaurants and menus had been a source of recent foodservice industry headlines (and headaches). It’s was a textbook case of demand outpacing supply. Now, wing prices are headed in the opposite direction — declining at double-digit rates.

Many restaurant operators were forced to pass along price increases to consumers. Some cut back on discounts and specials on bone-in wings. Then the market shifted again. How will restaurant operators respond to this recent price fluctuation? Are they likely to continue to promote the more profitable boneless wing or renew their focus on the bone-in version? What is the likely impact of these marketing strategies on consumer demand for bone-in and boneless wings?

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The Perils of Chicken Wing Pricing

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