Digital Gamers: Who They Are, What They Want

Digital gaming might not be new anymore – but it’s still growing fast and offering plenty of opportunities to profit. To win in this competitive arena, you have to understand who plays digital games today and what they want more of.

Our new report, Exploring Digital Gaming, reveals data and insights important for you and your business to know. New detail about the evolution of digital gaming. Comparisons to data from 2014. Plus deep analysis from our team of games industry specialists to put it all in context.

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Digital Gamers: Who They Are, What They Want

Find out which device is making headway when it comes to digital gaming, top digital game titles, and more.

Based on an online survey of thousands of computer and console gamers in the U.S., the new report covers playing, downloading, and spending behavior. You’ll also get deep insight about gamer demographics, purchase decisions, barriers to digital gaming, and comparisons of the perceived benefits and value of digital and physical gaming. It’s exclusive insight into how and why consumers play digital games. Get a winning advantage!

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New Infographic:

Digital Gamers: Who They Are, What They Want

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