Eating Patterns
in America

Explore the Emerging Trends Influencing Consumption

For 31 years, our Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America has been the definitive source for detailed information on eating and drinking habits in the United States. In fact, the leading U.S. food and beverage manufacturers and restaurant operators rely on it for deep data and insights straight from consumers. Make this your year to be part of that strong majority!

This year’s report provides an unparalleled look at actual consumption behavior and how it’s changing, both at home and away from home. You’ll get the latest consumer insights, going beyond sales data to reveal what consumers really eat and drink, and why.

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Key topics covered in this year’s edition:

  • How snacking is blurring the lines of traditional meal occasions
  • A look at how disruptors are influencing in-home eating: meal kit delivery services, retail foodservice, mobile app ordering, and others
  • Future outlook on how people will eat and drink in the next decade
  • How fresh and clean eating may be changing consumer behaviors, plus this movement's sustainability
  • Beverages' share of total consumption and how drinking behaviors change in-home versus away-from-home patterns
  • Motivations and consumption behaviors of different generations
  • In-home versus away-from-home consumer behaviors
  • The consumer mindset behind health and wellness

When you purchase the report, you also receive a personalized, on-site presentation that highlights this year's findings as they relate to your offerings. It’s your chance to work with a food and beverage consumption analyst to identify exciting new opportunities for growth. Start seeing what others cannot – the current realities and future possibilities for your industry, your customers, your business.

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Eating Patterns in America

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