Price. Quality. Value. Where’s the Sweet Spot?

Evolving customer value perceptions and expectations . . . and what it all means for your business

It's no secret that growing share in a declining foodservice market can be difficult. It's key to create strong value perceptions among your most important consumer segments. Knowing what your customers value — and why — makes it easier to provide the quality products (and price points) that dovetail with their value perceptions.

Based on a detailed consumer segmentation analysis, our new report, Defining Value Today, reveals how value perceptions vary for various restaurants types – from QSR, fast casual, and c-stores to midscale and casual dining. You'll see what you can do to satisfy the value expectations of the one-third of consumers who tell us their visits are driven by price.

Discover how different consumer segments, such as Value Hunters, Quality Seekers, and Quantity Seekers, view value when it comes to foodservice products and the restaurant environment.

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Develop marketing messages and products that resonate in today's foodservice market

Defining Value Today highlights the importance of consumer value perceptions to your marketing, messaging, and menu offerings. Find out how to execute marketing campaigns that appeal to a broad base, while remaining relevant to those who seek out the lowest prices and best deals.

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