Enticing Millennials To the Table

Learn what this important group expects from restaurants, and discover new ways to encourage both younger and older Millennials to dine out

Millennial consumers may make billions of visits to U.S. restaurants each year, but have you noticed that it’s harder than ever to get them in and keep them coming back? Offering a good product at a fair price is no longer enough to entice them to restaurants – no matter if it’s FSR or QSR. Winning with consumers ages 18 to 34 requires a deep understanding of what they really want from their restaurant visits, including a sense of what sets younger (ages 18 to 24) and older (ages 25 to 34) Millennials apart.

Our new Millennial Report explores how and why Millennials’ attitudes and behaviors have changed since the economic downturn began. It reveals why restaurants are still having difficulty attracting visits from this important group of consumers. And you'll see why Millennials are likely to try new menu items.  It’s a new source for an in-depth look at this group’s current mindset, including fresh insights about the differences in needs and mindsets of younger and older Millennials.

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Encouraging More Visits from Millennials of All Ages

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