Fortified. Enriched. Enhanced.

Find out what consumers want from functional foods and beverages, how products measure up, and where your best opportunities exist.

More and more, consumers are making the connection between health concerns and food and beverages designed to address specific dietary considerations. Our new report, The Market for Functional Foods, explores what adults and teens want from foods and beverages that are fortified, enriched, and enhanced. See how products measure up, and uncover your most promising opportunities for product development and marketing.

The report integrates information from several of our products and services. It incorporates findings from a custom study that captured detail on attitudes toward and usage of functional foods and beverages. The report includes a deep dive into the relationship between protein and mental and physical energy and highlights the product formats that appeal most to consumers, such as energy shots, bars, and gels.

Why The Market for Functional Foods?

  • This report presents a fresh look at consumers' attitudes and use of these products,
    equipping food and beverage manufacturers to:
  • Understand adults’ and teens’ nutritional needs and health benefits in order to develop new products and refine existing products that meet these needs
  • Uncover what’s behind usage and selection of functional foods and beverages, so you can
    target your marketing and product development toward specific demographic groups and their motivations
  • Explore the roles of protein and fiber in consumers’ diets as input for product and marketing strategies that address consumers’ dietary considerations

What's Inside?

  • Get a new view of these and other topics related to the growing functional foods market:
  • Consumers’ health priorities and how they change with age
  • Consumption patterns driving functional food interest and usage — who is interested and
    who uses
  • Types of nutritional fortification, enrichment, and enhancements teen and adult consumers
    seek in foods and beverages
  • Direct health benefits consumers seek from these products, and how effective the products
    are at delivering on these benefits

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