The Future of Home Meal Replacement

In the next 10 years, Americans are expected to replace more of their home-cooked meals with convenient meals prepared away from home.

The quest for healthier and more convenient meals is not without challenges. Consumers continue to wrestle with issues of time and money when deciding where to get their next meal. As a result, they have started seeking alternatives to in-home meal preparation. Over the next decade, Americans are expected to replace even more of their homemade meals with convenient alternatives from supermarkets, discount stores, and price clubs.

But the story behind this shift is bigger than increasing numbers of visits to quick-service-retail stores. This trend reflects larger changes in Americans’ eating habits, as well as underlying indicators that can inform public health and nutrition goals over the next 10 years. Uncovering demographic drivers behind this change can help you create tailored solutions for specific audiences. Changing meal preferences also indicate that consumers might be pursuing healthier meals away from home. But what types of food are they eating, and how is this trend changing the American diet?

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  • What types of foods Americans are seeking at retail, to replace in-home eating

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New Infographic

The Future of Home Meal Replacement

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