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New foodservice forecast – a critical resource for strategic planning!

We’ve seen foodservice industry weakness since 2008. And our latest forecasts indicate traffic isn’t likely to bounce back in 2013. When will the industry rebound, and what can you do in the meantime?

Our exclusive forecasting report, A Look Into the Future of Foodservice, can help you anticipate what’s ahead through 2022. It's a must-have for your strategic planning efforts.

An update of the 2008 edition, the report is built on information from CREST® and the U.S. Census Bureau, and it uses our projection and forecasting methodology. It includes a special focus on the impact of age and aging on the industry’s structure, highlighting expected changes in food and beverage choices.

Explore how the population’s shifting demographic composition will affect your business, the future of foodservice, and the structure of the industry as a whole. Position your business for success in the decade ahead!

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