Physical games, digital downloads, mobile devices, and your business decisions.

Physical games are still the industry mainstay, but consumer preferences are shifting. Over one-third of game purchasers who bought a game in the past three months say they'd prefer to purchase a digital game over a physical video game, up 10 percentage points from just a year ago.

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Online Gaming 2012 — The Impact of Digital is this year's edition of our much-anticipated report on the rapidly evolving world of online gaming. Now with yearly trend information, it goes beyond the basics of online gaming incidence and time and money spent. It's the industry's one-stop source for detail on how and why consumers are interacting with digital games and how the increasing popularity of mobile gaming and digital downloads affects other retail sales channels.

Identify challenges. Make the most of new opportunities.

  • Understand what drives physical and digital gaming purchase decisions, to help steer your marketing and product-development strategies
  • Guide overall online strategy with a better understanding of the dynamics of online and digital gaming behavior by platform and demographic group
  • Know how the purchase influences differ among various consumer groups, for a more targeted approach to product development and marketing

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