Tune In To iTunes Users

How do consumers engage with iTunes? Explore usage, purchasing, and their relation to streaming and devices.

Our new iTunes 2013: Consumer Usage & Market Dynamics Report is a comprehensive study of iTunes users. It delivers the information you need to make informed business decisions — whether you’re positioning yourself on the iTunes platform or determining if what works for iTunes might work for your business. Learn about the streaming services consumers are using, which features are most important to them, and how the iTunes brand name affects consumers’ ratings of new service concepts.

The latest edition of a study conducted since 2010, this year’s report includes additional features and trended data. New this year, we asked consumers (both current iTunes customers and non-customers) about a potential iTunes streaming service and how it would measure up to competitive services. The report also identifies which streaming music listeners would be most likely to switch to an iTunes streaming service and gives you an early read on Twitter#music. Trended data shows you how consumers are changing their iTunes usage over time.

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