Understand Why Customers Leave, So You Can Win Them Back

Explore consumers' food and beverage consumption habits, behaviors, and attitudes in this one-percent (and shrinking) world

There's a new resource to help you understand what consumers really think and feel about dining out. It pinpoints the kinds of customers who are visiting less and identifies why that's the case. It's our new report, Losing Our Appetite for Restaurants, and it delivers the input you need for creating new strategies to support growth – even in today's one-percent market.

The report features data from our Checkout Tracking℠ service, which mines millions of receipts from millions of actual consumers – yielding transaction-level detail across all retailers and restaurants, across all channels and all time, at the individual buyer level.

Now you can explore consumer attitudes, needs, and buying behavior to get a clear sense of what's really happening in the market.

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Customer

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New Infographic:

The Mystery of the Disappearing Customer

Complete this form to receive the infographic.