Avoid Relationship Trouble

See inside the relationship between women and their makeup — discover what consumers want, why they buy, how they use your products, and more

Oh, those delicate relationship dynamics. To help you avoid relationship trouble when it comes to consumers and your makeup products, we’ve updated the Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report. It’s ready for you right now.

The 2014 edition covers face (foundation, blush, powder, concealer, bronzer), eye (mascara, eye shadow, eye liner), and lip (lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss). You’ll get the latest insights straight from the women who purchase your products — or your competitors’ products!

Identify which consumer groups are your best targets. Find out why some consumers choose your brand – or your competitors’ products. See purchase drivers across channels — including department, mass, and specialty stores. And more.

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New Infographic

It’s Complicated: Women and Makeup

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