Getting to the How and Why of Meal Kit Delivery Services

New report explores meal kit delivery services' growth and the threats and opportunities they create

Meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and Plated have garnered a small, but seemingly dedicated, segment of enthusiasts in the U.S. Are these kits a passing fad, or is this a trend worth watching?

Our new report, Thinking Inside the Box: A Fresh Look at Meal Kit Delivery Services, combines findings of our own custom study with ongoing NET® consumer tracking research, insights from our Checkout TrackingSM solution, and industry expertise. It uncovers answers to your pressing questions about this new player in your market.

Discover what consumers find most and least appealing about these kits, what motivates trial and repeated use, and where your best opportunities (and biggest threats) exist in this space. Find out what needs are met by meal kit delivery services and see new insights on their future outlook.

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Home-Delivered Meal Kits Help Solve the Dinner Dilemma

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