Millennials and Breakfast — New Insights from NET Need States

Generational and situational shifts affect eating patterns for people of all ages. Right now we're seeing a shift among Millennials — they're becoming parents, and it's having an impact on their consumption choices. For example, insights from our report, Consumption Drivers: How Need Shapes Choices, reveal that for Millennials with kids, breakfast is about convenience — it needs to be quick, easy, and portable. Breakfast is a different story among Millennials without kids.

Our 13 need states can be paired with existing strategic frameworks to provide a detailed understanding of all occasions and comprehensive insight on your competitive set. And because the need states are continuously tracked, you can evaluate how your business actions affect consumption by need state over time.

You can use the Need States service to gauge the size and potential of opportunities so you can prioritize your product and marketing efforts. See how a total "share-of-stomach" perspective can launch you ahead of your competition. Overlay existing strategic frameworks with the NET Need States to expand your understanding of occasions and your competitive set. And more!

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What Happens at Breakfast When Millennials Have Kids?

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