Mobile Gaming: Sharpen Your Edge

Coming soon! New Mobile Gaming Report delivers best view of the market.

The new Mobile Gaming 2012 report provides in-depth consumer data and expert analysis for a clear view of adults’ and children’s mobile gaming behavior in the U.S.

Use it to understand how mobile app games influence consumers’ overall gaming behavior — including game play on traditional gaming devices.

The only comprehensive view of mobile gaming: consumer attitudes, behavior, usage, and purchasing

The report profiles mobile gamers, sizes the mobile gaming market, and explores mobile gaming's impact on the total gaming market. It also covers the devices mobile gamers use, how they discover games, what spurs purchases, and what drives them to convert from free and trial versions to paid gaming apps or to purchase in-game content.

Why Mobile Gaming 2012?

  • Guide overall strategy with a better understanding of the dynamics of mobile gaming across various mobile devices
  • Steer your marketing program in the right direction with a clear view of mobile gamers’ behavior, usage, engagement levels, demographics, genre preferences, and more
  • Analyze the effect of mobile gaming on traditional gaming platforms to identify and address opportunities and challenges
  • Uncover new opportunities in the mobile space by identifying under-served segments of the gaming population 

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