New report explores category, brand, and retailer preferences as input for purchase decisions.

How can you get a clear view of what accessories are being purchased at the same time the consumer purchases a mobile phone? What would it do for your business if you knew exactly what factors into a consumer’s decision to purchase accessories?

The new Mobile Phone Accessories Attach Rate Report delivers the answers you need. Use this information and analysis to refine your marketing programs, create winning promotional strategies, and develop new products.

Equip your company to . . .

  • Identify successful mobile phone accessories retailers and channels to improve your product distribution strategies
  • Understand how consumers shop at various retail channels and identify key purchase influences, so you can create uniquely targeted sales and marketing programs
  • Determine how accessories attachment varies by phone brand and understand why consumers choose to buy accessories, in order to fine-tune your product development strategies
  • Discover how important brands are to consumers, and uncover new opportunities for building brand loyalty

Answer your questions about . . .

  • What else is in the market basket when a phone is purchased
  • Accessories attach rate after the purchase of a mobile phone, by category and brand
  • Accessories purchase influences
  • Reasons for choosing a retailer
  • Planned accessories purchases for the next six months
  • Buyer demographics

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