Don’t Let Retail Eat Your Lunch

Nearly four billion purchases of prepared foods and beverages happen at food retail establishments each year. Half are consumed at home — reducing restaurant visits.

Our new Retail Prepared Foods Market: Assessing the Competition report explains the increasingly disruptive role of grocery/drug stores, discount stores, price clubs, and other retail stores in meeting consumers’ foodservice needs. What does this mean for your bottom line? And how can you stem the tide?

Find out what needs are being met by retailers selling prepared food at lunch and supper, so you can compete against the growing trend of on-the-go dining.

Explore the restaurant visits and at-home meals your customers are replacing, so you can make informed business decisions.

See the differences in how various consumer segments rely on retail establishments for prepared food, so you can more accurately target menu offerings, advertising, and promotions.

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Prepared food market composition, growth

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