Snacking in America, now with CultureWaves

The NPD Group’s definitive guide to consumer snacking behavior, with newly added content from CultureWaves

The boundary between foods eaten between and during meals continues to blur, but now you can get clear answers to your most pressing questions about snack foods and between-meal consumption. Our Snacking in America report provides deep insight into consumer behavior to help you answer the question, “What’s the future of snacking?”

Partnering with CultureWaves, the Snacking in America report now has an added layer of qualitative behavioral insights, giving perspective and real time evidence about the evolution of snacking in America. Using a curator network and proprietary software, CultureWaves translates behavior into insights to help some of the biggest companies in the nation better understand their consumer and his/her motivations.

This comprehensive report shows you the current and long-term trends in between-meal consumption. It not only explains what’s happening in the overall snacking universe, but also drills down into the attitudes and behaviors of specific consumer demographic groups. It’s the insight you need to create the most effective marketing messages and develop successful new products.

Snacking in America is the only report that covers the three primary snack food segments — sweet, savory, and better-for-you — so you can understand how they differ by day part, activity, and consumer motivations.

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