Success in the fast-growing and evolving soundbar market means you have to know exactly what consumers want, how that’s changing, and how to reach them.

Our new Soundbar Insights Report equips you with deep knowledge based on insights from a range of NPD solutions:

Consumer survey data

Forecasts from our Analytics and Modeling team

Connected Intelligence

Technology analysts’ insights and observations

And more

Use it to discover . . .

Who in the home drives the decision to purchase a soundbar?

Which devices (and how many devices) are connected to soundbars?

Do soundbar purchase decisions occur before, during, or after the TV purchase?

How do soundbars affect usage of other audio products in the home?

How does future purchase intent for sound bases compare to soundbars?

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Soundbars Take the Market by Storm

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Soundbars: Explosive Growth. Unlimited Potential.

And you need a sense of what’s ahead.

It’s the only way to stay agile and outsmart competitors.

No other source incorporates…

Television sales trends

Soundbar sales

Soundbar market trends

Consumer behavioral and attitudinal insights

National economic indicators

Put this comprehensive look at soundbars to work for your business.

Robust sales tracking data

Insight on consumer preferences, spending, entertainment consumption


Forecasting the future of soundbars

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