Share Gains Can Equal Millions in Profits

Track market performance, identify gaps, make better decisions, and grow your business

Foodservice manufacturers historically have not been able to gauge how their products are performing relative to competition or know the size of the industry and specific categories within it. As a result, it has been a challenge to devise effective category management, marketing, and sales strategies to grow market share.

With SupplyTrack®, foodservice manufacturers and distributors can finally view market trends, measure performance, and develop sales optimization strategies. SupplyTrack is the only monthly tracking service that codes, aggregates, and tracks every product shipped from a critical mass of leading broadline distributors to over 500,000 commercial and non-commercial operators.

Capturing over 70 percent of the broadline distribution market with over 100 categories coded and three years of trend, SupplyTrack delivers in-depth insights for categories, brands, items, product attributes, and operator segments. It covers commercial and non-commercial operators, including: casual dining bar and grill independents, QSR pizza independents, colleges and universities, lodging, hospitals, convenience stores, and more.

Broader, more in-depth coverage means more accurate and granular information, which results in better decision-making and a winning advantage.

Why SupplyTrack?

The foodservice industry continues to struggle, and traffic is forecast to grow less than 1 percent a year in the coming years. In this environment, manufacturers and distributors must find ways to gain share.

Like no other source, SupplyTrack equips your company to:

  • Measure and evaluate product performance by category, brand, item, and attribute
  • Track competitive sales and share
  • Identify opportunity gaps and develop effective strategies to gain market share
  • Develop and assess effective marketing strategies and new product introductions based on timely, accurate measurement of sales and pricing
  • More effectively target commercial and non-commercial operator segments 
  • Improve distributor collaboration by speaking a common language
  • Explore market sizing and trend by Census region
  • Incorporate detailed point-of-sale data into your collaborative category management processes

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