What Captures Kids’ Time and Parents’ Spending?

New data and insight: playtime, spending, opportunities for toy marketers, and more

Understanding why kids do what they do can be a challenge for toy marketers (and parents!). Now there’s a source for new data and insights about how and where parents spend money on children age 14 and younger and how kids spend their time. It’s our Kids’ Share of Time and Wallet report, and it delivers new insight straight from kids and parents.

The report reveals the activities and product categories capturing kids’ attention and spending and explores changes as they age. It includes detailed information about the relationship between time and money spent, where kids and parents choose to shop, and the roles of parents and children in the purchase process. You can use it to uncover opportunities and create products, messaging, and promotions that resonate with kids and their parents.

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Kids at Play: Spending Time . . . and Money

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